10 Things Moms Do at Target – featured on ScaryMommy today!

10 Things Moms Do at Target – featured on ScaryMommy today!

YOU GUYS! Could NOT be more excited to share this with you – my post on 10 Things Moms Do at Target is featured on the ScaryMommy home page today! Please go check it out and give it some love! And in the meantime, I’d love to chat with you – it gets lonely being new to the Twitter and all…come find me there and on Facebook!


10 Phases of Watching The Bachelor

10 Phases of Watching The Bachelor

cryingRather than posting this whole piece to m’blog, I’m just posting a link to the original I wrote for Buzzfeed. I don’t want you to think all I talk about is the rather unfortunate Juan Pablo, but…it might be good for a laugh…! Click the link above to read it…

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